Mother calls it a miracle that baby 'woke up' in morgue

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The mother of a baby girl in Argentina who was declared dead but found alive after twelve hours in a morgue said it was a “supernatural miracle” that her daughter is alive.

According to the AICA News Agency, Amalia Bouget gave birth prematurely at 26 weeks to what doctors said was a stillborn baby girl. However, after 12 hours in the freezing cold temperatures of the morgue with no food or clothing, the baby girl “came back to life.”

The incident took place at the Perrando Hospital in the city of Resitencia. Health care workers involved in the case have been suspended.

“My daughter Luz Milagros spent 12 hours in the morgue and until now instead of a birth certificate I only had a death certificate,” the mother of four said.

She recalled that her daughter “was born at 10:24am local time and by 11:05am she was in a box. She spent 12 hours in the intense cold of the morgue. I saw her body myself covered with frost.”

She later returned to the morgue to take a picture of her daughter, who doctors said had no vital signs when she was born. 

“A woman came up to my husband who was waiting to go to the morgue to see her as well, and she told him, 'She is crying.' My husband thought she was talking about me, but it was my daughter who was crying,” Bouget said.

“I’m a believer. This was all a miracle of God,” she said.

Local health care secretary Rafael Sabatinelli said the negligence of the doctors who sent little Luz Milagros to the morgue was “disgraceful” and that a criminal investigation into the incident would be launched.

“Each member of the staff involved in this incident bears responsibility. Therefore they will be held accountable. We are awaiting the results of the corresponding investigation so the facts will be made clear,” Sabatinelli told local media.

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